Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. This is clear in Scripture, and our leaders believe in His ultimate authority with all their hearts. We also believe in the authority of the Bible, God's Word, which contains the teachings of Jesus and descriptions of the early church in action. The New Testament is very instructive about how the local church should be organized. At First Christian Church...

Eldersprovide spiritual oversight, teach, shepherd, seek collective wisdom, and act as stewards of the church's financial resources. Elders are volunteers called by God and affirmed by the church family. These men serve in three-year terms. Our currently serving elders are

Louis Bauer
David Cofer
Gary Hinton
Mark Hinton
Terry Hinton
Tom Ingram
Mark Land
Johnny Melloan
Tom Schory
Charles Young

Please pray for these men, their families, and our church family as we help make the responsibility of elder a "joy and not a burden" (Hebrews 13:17).

Leadership Staffare vocational directors of the church's operations. Our leadership staff members lead specific ministries, teach, encourage, and work with the elders to cast a compelling vision for expanding God's work in our community.

what are Deacons?Deacons are the super-servants of the church. While all Christians are called to serve, deacons are appointed to serve with a greater level of accountability. Deacons are men with unique talents; they are appointed to accomplish important ministry objectives determined by the church leadership.

Stuart Jones, Senior Minister, First Christian Church Elizabethtown KY
Leadership Staff

Stuart Jones is the Senior Minister of First Christian Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Stuart's Christian roots run deep. His father, E. Ray "Cotton" Jones, was a prominent leader among American Restoration churches, and his brother, Larry Jones, is the Senior Minister of Northside Christian Church in Yorktown, Virginia. Stuart's leadership and team spirit have helped FCC navigate the sale of the Mulberry campus; the interim period on the Poplar campus; and the construction of a new church campus on North Miles Street.

Doug Mitchell is our Discipleship Minister. Doug's extensive ministry experience and long career at FCC are great assets to the church. He has led the youth, shepherding, and activities ministries. Today, Doug's greatest passion is helping new people find a deeper connection with the church.
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Chris Kigeris our Minister to Students and Senior Adults. Chris is a young-at-heart father of four boys who provides FCC with lots of laughter, but more importantly, an example of Christian action and service to others.
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