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upTown - elementary
Sunday Wednesday

SUNDAYS - 9:30 A.M. & 11:00 A.M.
down the right hallway, 1st check-in station

Our purpose in upTown is to work in sync with our kids’ development as they come to understand what “church” is and why we gather each week. Their spiritual development can by mapped out by gauging 3 things:

1. Relationship: Are they connecting relationally with their peers and the adults that are investing in them? This often helps kids better understand that there is a God that longs to relate to them and gives them opportunity to see how God is working in those around them.
2. Ownership: Are they on a path to understand that faith in Jesus is a personal choice that no one can make for them. Once a child understands this as their choice, they are often ready to make a commitment letting Jesus lead them in life. We believe that this is both the biggest and best decision they will ever make.
3. Leadership: The Bible teaches that God is in the midst of doing a great work in our world. The cool thing about this is that we have a chance to participate in that work. This can be done in many unique ways and the key for our kids is to help them identify how God has gifted them and how they can use their gifts to help carry out this work.

Schedule (K-5th):

9:30 - Large Group Worship Hour
11:00 - Grade-Specific Small Group Sunday School Hour