What is Grace Marriage?

Do you want a better marriage? Do you want to grow in the enjoyment of one another? Do you want to protect your marriage? Do you want to launch your marriage out of a stagnant pattern into a growth pattern? Do you want to get on the same page as your spouse so you can be more effective?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, join a Grace Marriage coaching group at FCC!

FCC is a host site for Grace Marriage, a ministry that desires to protect and grow marriages proactively. Marriage is foundational to the success of a family, church, and community. However, the busyness and demands of life make it difficult to be intentional. In Grace Marriage, a couple makes a proactive effort to protect and grow their marriage by investing in two (six-week) huddles each year to take a big picture of their life and marriage. Couples who intentionally focus on their marriage and place it under the grace of Christ will see their relationship transformed into a more enjoyable and God-glorifying union.

Quick Summary. Grace Marriage is…

  • An intentional time for husband and wife to be strategic, and proactive in their relationship.
  • A time to establish and pursue goals together.
  • A place to learn a wellness, protection, and growth model.
  • A chance to re-focus on positives and create a refreshing atmosphere.
  • An opportunity to address issues in a safe place.

What Grace Marriage is Not?

  • Marriage Counseling.
  • A seminar or conference.
  • A traditional small group or class.
  • A place where you will be forced to share your deepest secrets.

Next Huddle

Spring 2024

February 11 – March 20

Groups are offered on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings (An online group is offered on Sunday evenings).

Children’s programming or childcare is offered for all groups.

Who can Attend?

Any husband and wife may attend or a couple getting married within three months of the huddle start date.  A couple does not have to be a member of First Christian to participate.

Who Will We Be With?

You will be in a group with your spouse and other couples who want their marriage to grow.  Couples, plus a facilitator couple, will walk through the material together.  Spouses will have personal time together throughout each session to privately discuss the topics.  Groups will have mixed ages. Newly married couples who have been married for decades will be involved. Grace Marriage is about spending time with your spouse. Although you will get to know other couples, remember the purpose is to spend time with your spouse and focus on your relationship.

When are the Sessions Held?

Groups are offered on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings (An online group is offered on Sunday evenings).

What if my weekly schedule changes frequently?

Grace Marriage is extremely flexible. Every group does the same thing each week so you could attend a different group when your schedule changes. For example, you sign up and attend the Sunday morning group but are unable to attend that group on Week-2 – On Week-2 you could attend one of the other groups or join online on Sunday evening.

What About Childcare?

Children’s programming or childcare is offered for all groups.

What Does it Cost?

Participation includes marriage workbooks, childcare, giveaways, snacks, and a monthly subscription to gracemarriage@home.  The cost is $99 (plus tax and shipping) per couple yearly (prorated if joining mid-year).  The fee is paid directly to Grace Marriage.

What if the cost is prohibitive?

First Christian offers limited scholarships for couples participating in Grace Marriage. For more details on scholarship availability email Doug Mitchell at doug@fccetown.com

Is There a Deadline?

Yes.  Participants must be registered one week before the huddle start date.

What Will I Do In Grace Marriage?

  • Use biblical grace-based materials to spark creative thought.
  • Think, pray, and apply principles to your marriage and family.
  • Talk with your spouse, plan, schedule, and grow together.
  • Establish goals and proactively work toward them.
  • Share and receive insights with and from other couples.

The Basis for Grace Marriage

  • Your marriage is secure when it is based on the foundation of the grace of Christ.
  • You are refreshed by the love and grace of God instead of beat up for your deficiencies.
  • When you both live according to grace and not your performance, you can identify issues and grow with no condemnation.
  • Grace Marriage is a positive approach focused on the proactive pursuit of your spouse as you extend grace to them.

How Grace Marriage Works

  • Two six-week sessions (Huddles) each year
    • Fall (August & September)
    • Spring (February & March)
  • Groups are offered on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening
  • Group size will vary according to registration.
  • Participation includes childcare, marriage workbooks, and giveaways.
  • Resource Fee will be paid directly to Grace Marriage.
    • Workbooks will be purchased on the Grace Marriage shop with a link provided upon registration.
    • $99 (plus tax and shipping) per couple annually (prorated if joining mid-year)
    • This includes Grace Marriage@Home subscription free of cost.
  • Children’s programming or childcare is offered for all groups.

Description of FCC’s Current Series


It is easy to fall into a routine that is less than God’s best. Life’s demands and complexities often leave the marriage with sparse leftovers of time and resources.
Come join an effort to change the paradigm of how marriage is done. Replace reactivity with being proactive. Be strategic and align your time and resources with your priorities.

The Magnetic Marriage (Full Year – Includes 4 Books)

Guide One: Humble Focus (Fall 2023)
Guide Two: Abundant Focus (Winter/Spring 2024)

How does it sound to…

  • Work together to create an exciting vision for your marriage?
  • Not only have your marriage strive to survive but also to grow in support, closeness, and enjoyment of one another?
  • Prioritize and invest in your marriage, making it a source of life and grace?
  • Have a blast together and have God use it to draw others to Him?

Your marriage group, in combination with these Grace Marriage group guides, is created to help you do just that!

Each guide contains:

  • 100+ pages with key lessons and worksheets
  • 21 – Investment Challenges
  • 3 – Intentional Coffee Self-Studies
  • Continuing the Progress: Weekly Check-ups

Exclusive Bonus Content:

  • Videos from the founders of Grace Marriage, Brad and Marilyn Rhoads
  • Emails with encouragement and teaching delivered to your inbox