Ready to put your faith into action?

Interested in getting involved here at FCC? Take a look at the volunteer opportunities below, check the boxes beside the opportunities that interest you the most and someone will follow up with you.


Greeters – Join our team who provides a friendly welcome at each service. To serve, contact Lenny Neuman (

Welcome Center – Join our team that provides information and assistance at the Welcome Center at each service. You would need to be present 30 minutes before and after the service. To serve, contact Lenny Neuman (

Coffee Carts – Join our team who prepares and hosts our coffee carts on Sunday mornings and for special events. You would be asked to serve for a couple of hours between 7:00 am – 12:30 pm once a month. To serve, contact Doug Mitchell (

Safety Team – Join our team that helps with set-up and clean-up for our Newcomers Reception. Luncheon is scheduled 4 times yearly. To serve, contact Chris Gardner ( or Chris Harp (270.765.4994 or for more information.


Story Teller – Delivers the Bible story to preschoolers in a fun, exciting and creative way.

Worship Leader – Engage preschool kids in fun, creative and energetic worship. Requires singing and teaching hand motions to children.

Lead Teacher – Primary teacher in charge of a specific classroom, shepherd in charge of the discipleship of the kids in your room & classroom teachers serving
with you.

Small Group Leader – Work alongside Lead Teacher in the classroom to lead a small group of kids in learning activities.

Infant/Toddler Caregiver – Work alongside Lead Teacher in the classroom to provide care and shepherding of our infants/toddlers.

Amanda Logan: or 270.765.4994

KIDTOWN (Children’s Ministry): K – 5th Grade

Small Group Leader – This position is for an Elementary age small group leader (K-1 st,2nd-3rd, or 4th-5th). A small group leader leads a group of about 8-12
elementary age kids. They will attend the Sunday morning program with their group and then lead them through the different activities throughout the small
group time. Our hope is that you lead these kids while having fun, to learn to love God, love people and serve others.

Large Group Leader – A large group leader will be responsible for teaching the lesson for our elementary age students. The lesson will be about 10 minutes long and the teacher will be provided the curriculum to teach and can adapt according to their style or preference. Our hope is that you can lead these kids to have fun while learning to love God, love people, and serving others.

Midweek Support Help – Work alongside children’s ministry staff in assisting in weekly support tasks (i.e. curriculum support, cleaning/organizing, craft preparation, etc.)

Special Needs Buddy – Assist with our special needs friends. Our goal is to assist, engage and encourage our friends while having fun and learning about God. (May require holding, bending lifting, restroom assistance, etc)

Tech Team – Help out in Elementary/Preschool tech areas. You will have the opportunity to queue and play worship as well as run any slideshows, videos or
graphics needed for Sunday’s lesson.

Security Team – Help in front of Kidtown and preschool areas. You will be monitoring and facilitating parents as they drop off and pick up their kids. Everyone who comes or goes, must have a sticker to pick up their child and all volunteers must have either a red, green or blue lanyard on.

Hospitality/Check-In’s – Greeting parents and children as they arrive at Kidtown and assisting with the check-in process. Help new families get checked in, gathering pertinent information and making sure they know where they are going. Also responsible for running and checking attendance reports.

Special Events – Assist as needed when special events happen.

Melissa Bowles: or 270.765.4994 or
Tanner Staggs: tanner@fccetowncom or 270.765.4994

STUDENT MINISTRY: 6th – 12th Grade

Hospitality Team – The hospitality team consists of a couple of different tasks. Being a part of this ministry position means you are at the student center early before the service begins. Whether on the middle or high school hospitality team, you are there before the students arrive. The hospitality team is responsible for setting things up and getting ready for service. This position helps With setting out/making snacks for the service. And the hospitality team will also greet the students as they come in, whether by the door or behind the counter by the snacks. The hospitality team must remain in the student center until 5-10 minutes into the service.

Mentor – The mentorship role is a ministry position where you will be paired with a middle school or high school student(based on your preference) of the same sex. You will be a mentor to the student you are paired with for the school year. This ministry role is a year-long commitment. This position requires you to complete a background check and a questionnaire. What mentoring looks like is being engaged in the life of the students. That means that you are making contact with them outside of Sunday mornings. You are texting them, encouraging them, going to their games/performances/etc., and you are taking them out to eat or
to do something fun once a month.

Small Group Leader – A small group leader is a position where you lead and guide a small group’s discussion, which takes place after our messages. You will be teamed with another leader and placed in a group divided by age and gender. You can serve as either a middle school small group leader or a high school small group leader. Small group leaders are given the discussion questions and main topics ahead of time to prepare for the discussion on Sunday.

Special Event Helper – As a special event helper, you will be in charge of the setup and teardown for any event we may have. Some of our events include Color Wars, Costume Dodgeball, Worship Nights, Movie Nights, and more. They will require you to be there however early/late it takes to get ready for the
event and to clean up afterward.

Student Ministry Worship Team – The worship team is a ministry opportunity for anyone who enjoys singing or playing instruments. If you are musically gifted and love leading others into worship, this would be a great place to start. We are looking for vocals, acoustics, or other instruments that would make a joyful noise to the Lord. Our middle school ministry meets at 9:30, and our worship would take place around 9:50. Our high school ministry meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00-7:00 pm, and our worship for high school takes place around 5:30.

Taylor Gilpin ( or 812.361.8673)


Livestream Host – This person will welcome people to worship, share announcements, give a short (one paragraph) sermon synopsis, and invite people back next Sunday. This role is vital as this person will serve as a connection for those interacting with FCC for the first time. The ideal person for this role will be comfortable in front of a camera, enjoy smiling, and have good verbal communication skills.

Online Greeter – The Online Greeter has the same role as our greeters out front, except they will be doing so on social media. The purpose is to make all those joining online feel welcome. The ideal person for this role will be comfortable with social media, using a computer, and enjoy interacting with people.

Livestream Switcher – The Livestream Switcher controls the content our online audience sees. They change the content from announcements to the studio to the worship center back to the studio. This role is essential to our Online Campus. The ideal person for this role will be comfortable using a computer.

Content Creator for Social Media – The Content Creator for Social Media takes photos or shoots videos, collects stories, and gathers announcements to create posts on FCC’s social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). The ideal person for this role is a good storyteller through media or text, comfortable using their phone as a camera and proficient with social media platforms.

Jason Fox ( or 270.765.4994)


Singer or Musician – We desire team members who will individually practice and prepare, both musically and spiritually, in order to create an outstanding musical environment for worship. They must demonstrate joy, passion, excellence, teamwork, and a faithful relationship with Jesus Christ. Interested in serving as a singer? Contact our Worship Leader, Mark Melloan at

Communion Servers – Join our team who serve communion at each service. You’ll need to serve one service, not both, on the day you’re signed up. To serve contact Don Hobbs (

Communion Prep – Join our team who prepares weekly communion. You’ll need to be available on Saturday to prepare the trays and 30 minutes prior to each service to distribute trays. To serve contact Roger Henson (


Videographers – Produce videos for FCC ministries or teams and for use during services. This role will serve various hours as available and as the need arises. Must have some previous video experience.

Photographer – Do you like taking photos?  This role will capture moments during worship services, Sundays at FCC and special events.

Video Director – Like the camera operator, invites different perspectives of service choosing camera shots that give a better view of speakers on stage and creatively capture worship. The video director should recognize properly framed camera shots and guide camera operators on what to capture.

Camera Operators – No experience required, learn how to run the cameras for the weekend services. This role will serve for one or both services, on an as-needed basis (various weekends).

Handheld Camera Operator -Responsible for capturing shots in a perspective not seen from the audience for worship and on-stage speakers. Camera shots are displayed in the worship center and to the online audience.

Broadcast Audio Engineer -Produces the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement, including creating the best music mix possible at the optimal volume level and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with worship online.

Worship Audio Engineer -Produces the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement, including creating the best music mix possible at the optimal volume level and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with worship in person.

ProPresenter (Graphics) Operator – If you have computer skills, come learn how to run the slides used for services and events. No experience required but must be computer savvy. This role serves for both services and special events, on an as needed basis (various weekends).

Lighting Operator – Learn how to assist running the light board for worship services and special events. No experience necessary but must receive training. This role serves for both services and special events, on an as-needed basis (various weekends).

Stage Hand – Keep all the behind the scenes details in order that make the service happen. This role requires that you’re present for both services, one weekend a month.

Adam Fuller ( or 270.300.0939)
Charlie Garrett ( or 270.234.4547)


Feeding America – Join

Seniors and Friends Lunch – Visit i

Bereavement Team – Join a group of individuals who help provide meals following the funeral service of an FCC family member. Opportunities include helping prepare food, providing side dishes/desserts, washing dishes, serving, etc. To serve contact Chris or Leah Gardner ( or

Fellowship Meals Team

Doug Mitchell ( or 270.765.4994)


Facility Care – Help provide a clean, welcoming environment for all who visit First Christian. You can be a part of care and cleaning, event setup/teardown or space organizing, just to name a few of the opportunities.

Grounds – Do you have a green thumb? Do you enjoy working in the yard? Maybe you just want to get your hands dirty. We have the place for you. We would love your help with landscaping, gardening or cutting grass. Help keep our campus beautiful.

Vehicle Maintenance – The purpose of this ministry team is to keep the church vehicles mechanically safe and sound, and clean in appearance.

Chris Harp ( or 270.765.4994)


Community Care Team – Do you like helping others and enjoy getting your hands dirty? You can be a part of caring for those in our community through serving in a local organization or serving a local individual/family.

Short Term Mission Team – Are you interested in serving God overseas? You can be a part of a short term mission team serving one of our foreign missions.

Giving Team – Do you have a generous heart and enjoy giving financially to help others in need? You can participate in meeting the physical needs of others by contributing financially.

Chris Kiger ( or 270.765.4994)


Join a team of volunteers who serve in the church office answering phones, making copies, sorting materials, etc. This role serves on an as-needed basis.

Sharon Gibson ( or 270.765.4994)