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"Upon Further Review" Stuart Jones The quarterback drops back, trailing by a field goal as the clock runs down. He passes deep into the end zone. The receiver makes a great catch and tumbles out of bounds as the referee signals touchdown. It’s the right call. The refs and 80,000 fans agree. But wait. The play is under review. It’s being watched from every angle, using slow motion and stop action. Hearts pound. The referee slowly walks onto the field and turns on his microphone. “Upon further review, the ruling on the field is reversed. The receiver’s foot was out of bounds.” In a moment, the thrill of victory changes to the agony of defeat. Life happens that way. You try your hardest. You pray in faith. Everyone agrees what should happen. But your child doesn’t get well. Your relationship falls apart. Your business fails. And you wonder why God let this happen to you. We can’t give you an answer. To try would be foolish. But we can give you a plan. When things are far from good, trust God. He sees your situation from every angle. When you can’t understand, trust God. He knows your past, your future, and the eternal impact of today’s struggle. When you think God has quit listening, trust Him. Your faith will not be wasted. Trust Him. Be confident that He will use your faith in a greater way than you can know or see. Think about these words: "Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child" (Kevin Stokes and Tony Wood - Universal Music Publishing Group).