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"Getting Back Your Edge" Stuart Jones 2 Kings 6:1-7 shows us an obscure miracle involving an axe head. While cutting down a tree, one of the young prophets was chopping away when the axe head flew off the handle into the Jordan River and sank to the bottom. This was a borrowed axe, so the young prophet was very upset and cried to Elisha for help. Elisha told the prophet to go back to the place where he lost it and then he performed the miracle. Elisha made the axe head float to the surface of the water. Let’s imagine that the axe head is the power of God in our lives; a sharp spiritual edge.  Often, we lose that “edge” but continue swinging away, hoping that no one will notice that something is wrong. If we seem to have lost the power of God, we should go back to the place where we lost it.  God specializes in restoration. Maybe we lost our focus when we entered into a bad relationship?  Maybe it was when we decided not to forgive someone?  Maybe it was that we simply stopped spending personal time with God?  Have we lost our sharp spiritual edge? Have we lost our effectiveness and enthusiasm for doing the work God has called us to do? The good news is that God wants to restore His power in our lives.  He wants us to simply go back to the place where we lost our focus and begin the process of obedience again.