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"Leading People Closer to Jesus"Stuart JonesImagine you are walking down the street and someone stops you and says they are a Louisville Cardinal fan and urges you to become one too. You are clearly a Kentucky Wildcat fan because of the 2012 National Championship t-shirt you are wearing. Would that not strike you as just a bit odd? Would their enthusiasm and sincerity in reminding you that Louisville is this year's National Champion impress you? Is it likely that their wearing a t-shirt with the team logo on it would make you want to embrace that particular team as your own? Of course it wouldn’t. Most of us would quickly become annoyed by such behavior.   But often times, this is how we try to witness for Christ. We are human billboards with our clothes and cars covered with cute sayings, pictures and slogans advertising how much we love Jesus.  Jesus tells us in Acts 1:8 that “we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere.” If left to our own power, we could not share the love of Jesus in a way that people would understand. The power of the Holy Spirit shares the love of Jesus through us. We are simply the tool the Spirit uses.   Leading people closer to Jesus involves a daily life of obedience to Him and is not defined by bumper stickers, Gospel tracts, or pestering people. Through our obedience and loving people as Jesus did, the Holy Spirit will work through us and bring those who are lost, closer to Him.