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"Love God"Stuart JonesEven if you don’t know a lot about stars, you can probably look into the sky on a clear night and find the Big Dipper. Regardless of how or where it is positioned, there is a curved handle on one end and three stars aligned on the other end. It’s like that night after night, year after year, century after century. Moving at speeds and distances we can only imagine, the Big Dipper stays together—completely out of our control, completely under God’s control. Even when clouds keep us from seeing it, we know it’s there. So often in life, worship is our natural, almost reflexive response. We see mountain peaks, brilliant sunsets, ocean waves. We feel gentle breezes and touch the face of a newborn baby. We hear voices lifted in praise when the church gathers together on a Sunday morning. Worship. What else can you do? Love God. What else makes sense? Jesus gave us simple directions: “’Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list.” Matthew 22:37 (MSG) Love God. This morning we’ll express our love of God as a united body of believers. As we continue through our week, let’s remember the words of Jesus and love God passionately, prayerfully, and intelligently.