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"Love People"Stuart JonesThere is an image from the great outdoors, a legend of the woods, a symbol of the wild. You see it stated on the back windows of pickup trucks and bumper stickers on all sorts of vehicles. It even shows up on shirts or jackets, especially those worn by young men. This image is captured in a simple phrase – “the lone wolf”. Our young hero is bold, brave, and taking on the world by himself. Here’s the interesting thing – wolves aren’t loners. In fact, they are very social animals, living in packs with well developed and sophisticated community structures. As cold as it may sound, lone wolves usually don’t survive for very long. When cut out of their pack, they begin a quest to find another pack or another wolf to begin a new pack. They need each other. We can survive as a “lone wolf”, but likely not very well. And we’ll miss out on learning and growing with others. We simply do better in a circle of others than we do in sitting in rows that allow for us to hide, playing the role of the “lone wolf.” Jesus said that the second greatest commandment was “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). Love others, join with others, and connect with others. A great place to eliminate that “lone” image and burden is in a Life Group. At First Christian Church, we believe in the value of Life Groups as a way to grow, learn and improve your witness of Christ to a lost and dying world. For more information on our Life Groups, go to fccetown.com/adults.php or contact Doug Mitchell at 765-4994 or [email protected]