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"serve others"Stuart JonesSocial activist and author Shane Claiborne had the opportunity to work ten weeks alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India. During his time with Mother Teresa he often noticed that her feet were knobby, gnarled, deformed and pressed in the wrong direction. Shane wondered if the condition was a result of an accident, a disease or illness. One day, he finally asked one of the sisters at the mission about the good mother’s feet. The sister explained that every once in a while they would receive a donation of shoes to pass out to the needy. When a load of shoes would come in, Mother Teresa would dig through the pile and select the worst pair for herself regardless of whether they fit her feet or not. Over time, the condition of her feet deteriorated from wearing these substandard shoes that didn’t fit her. She crippled herself out of love and compassion for others who had nothing. Jesus tells us in Mark 10:45, “For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” God doesn’t call us to maim ourselves for others. But he does call us to have genuine concern and love for other people. We are to share the resources (time, money, talents, etc.) that God has given us with those in need. The Bible tells us in Acts 2 that the members of the early church “gave to anyone as he had need.” Let us strive to be individuals and a church that willingly and lovingly serves others in this world.