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"What You Get to Do"Stuart JonesYou can’t spend much time around First Christian without hearing three phrases—love God, love people, serve others. This is the process we follow as we go about our mission of leading people closer to Jesus Christ. Our FREE-SPONSIBILITY series continues this week with the focus on service. We find these words in Acts 6 (NIV): In those days when the number of disciples was increasing… (v.1) The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly… (v.7) Verses 2-6 tell the story of how service changed an increasing church into a rapidly increasing church. Here’s an example of how this concept has worked at First Christian. Exactly four years ago today, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. The human need was beyond our imagination. One of our members had an idea that we could help by putting a trailer in the parking lot of our N. Mulberry campus. It would be a collection point for people who wanted to donate needed supplies. Another member secured a trailer from a local trucking company. A team of workers organized and implemented the collection process. The first Sunday the trailer was on site, a couple, new to our community, made their first visit to First Christian. They saw a growing church that valued service. They came back. Today they get to serve in a church that is growing rapidly. When the church does what God wants it to do (serve cheerfully), the church does what God wants it to do (grow rapidly).