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"Wholly in Christ"Stuart JonesAn odd thing happened to a friend the other day. Someone at work asked to speak to him and said, “God sent a message to me through you; it was something you did. I am not going to tell you exactly what it was, but I wanted you to know… I wanted you to know that you provided a good example.” He hesitated before saying “thank you” because he said it did not seem right for him to take credit for simply carrying a message. He also thought, it really is not right to take credit for something God did. Apparently he was just a messenger, maybe even an unintentional messenger. So, his stumbling response was just this, “Well, not sure what I did but I am glad it made a difference for you…and maybe I will do it again sometime” – all said with still no clue what it was that he did. He said as he went about his work day, he kept thinking about that encounter. At first he felt good; he made a difference in someone’s life and did it all without being aware of his good deed. That “good” feeling was not so good; he said it was just him being prideful and boasting to himself. He came to understand that it was not all about him. Whatever good we do in this life, or whatever actions or words we say that may impact another life, happens because of Christ in us.