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"Blinded"Stuart JonesThe 2013 box office hit “Now You See Me” was a story about four magicians who pulled off amazing stunts in front of large crowds. We learn in the movie that the success of the magicians revolved around what people thought they saw… or didn’t see. Morgan Freeman played former magician Thaddeus Bradley in the movie. His character told the police investigating the criminal tricks of the magicians, “The closer you think you are the less you’ll actually see. The more you think you see the easier it will be to fool you.” All of us tend to process information on how it affects us. We’re often guilty of seeing what we want to see. Our eyes may deceive us. We miss the reality of the situation because we’re looking for something else or because we are preoccupied with our thoughts, concerns, and desires. So it was with Mary Magdalene and the men on the road to Emmaus. Mary didn’t recognize Jesus standing next to her. She missed what Jesus not being in the tomb meant. The travelers didn’t recognize the resurrected Jesus either. They were all being controlled by their fear, disappointment, loss, and sorrow. The great news that Jesus Christ was alive was originally lost on these folks. Let’s not be fooled today. Jesus’ resurrection isn’t an act of magic performed by some magician. It’s real. And we all have the opportunity to share in life ever after. Praise the Lord. Our Savior has arisen.