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"What He Sees"Stuart JonesIt’s that time of year again. Spring flowers are on their way to full bloom. We see awesome shades of green popping up everywhere. We hear the crack of the bat and the smell of popcorn at the ball field. Spring is here, but for many of us, the most exciting fact is that baseball season is here. Any of us with even a small knowledge of the game have heard the phrase: “keep your eye on the ball.” It takes focus to be able to get a hit. If you take your eye off the ball even for a second, it could be the difference between a base hit or a strikeout. It has been said that baseball legend Ted Williams would boast that his eyes were so focused that he could actually see the meeting point of the ball and the bat. Sometimes, we lose our focus. We lose our focus on the big game. We lose our focus at work. We lose our focus at home. We lose our focus on Jesus. In fact, many of us right now are more focused on our weaknesses, struggles and sins than we are on Jesus. Focusing that way will do us in. When we fix our eyes on Jesus we find out that He is pouring His life and His spirit into us. Jesus never loses focus on us. He is always watching us. He is always on our side. He will always be near to us.