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"Married-ish - Have Fun"Stuart JonesLet's have some fun--sounds easy enough.  But it may take a little thought and a bit of effort. Interestingly, even having fun has some structure... and rules.  The basic rule for fun is one we all know. The Golden Rule: do to others as you would have them do to you. (Luke 6:31 NIV) Now The Golden Rule is not just for children on the playground or any particular group of people; it applies to all.  In fact it may have greater meaning as we get older.  Respect should have no boundaries; it should be exercised at all times.  Let's agree that fun is not just a "kid thing" or something that ends at a certain age; and it is linked to respect.  Fun is about laughter and sometimes has a reputation of frivolity, leisure, or wasting time.  But let's take a different view of fun--as a building block in the foundation of a strong marriage.  Fun can be a sign and a symbol.  A married couple will have fun when they have love and respect.  Love and respect stems from a thoughtful approach to the relationship that is focused first on what you can do, how you can serve, how you can show love to your spouse. When the respect and love factors are high, fun follows. Fun can serve another function. It can be a great example. A powerful compliment..."They are such a fun couple!"  What does that really say? There is a marriage that is strong enough to encourage fun and laughter and playfulness.   There are certainly times to be serious.  Just remember that fun of all types in marriage happens in the midst of love and respect.  Marriage is serious enough to have fun!