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"Stay Pure"Stuart JonesThere is a war going on in our society today; A war against purity in our marriages. Our culture has become obsessed with sex. We constantly see images that try to create temptation in our minds. Marketing professionals understand this, and capitalize upon it. God created sex as an intimate, beautiful act between husband and wife. Sadly, sin has corrupted it. The media has made it an idol. Society accepts sex outside of marriage as normal. It never tells of the hurt, brokenness and regret that accompanies adultery. In Hebrews 13:4, Paul says, “Marriage must be honored among all and the marriage bed kept undefiled, for God will judge sexually immoral people and adulterers.” Paul isn’t saying to keep your marriage bed pure when you feel like it. He’s urging couples to do whatever it takes to protect their relationship from outward and inward temptations always. Those temptations might include inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex, emotional unfaithfulness, pornography, adultery, or rejecting your spouse’s physical and emotional needs. Sex is a picture of oneness in marriage and God takes seriously any sin that could destroy what He created. As followers of Christ, we’re called to pursue purity no matter if we’re single or married. Our responsibility is to surround ourselves with believers who will encourage us to be holy. Pursuing purity within our marriages may not always be easy, but it is worth it. We must be determined to fight in order to love and obey the Lord and stay pure.