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"Warrior"Stuart JonesSamson was chosen from birth to rescue Israel from the Philistines. God sent an angel to prepare his parents for his impending birth. His mother was not to drink wine or any other alcoholic beverage nor eat any forbidden food. When Samson was born, his hair was not to be cut—ever! Those instructions must have seemed sensible to his mother until that thing about his hair. God blessed Samson as he grew up. Then, Samson’s character flaws kicked in. Against the advice of his parents, he demanded a Philistine woman as his wife. When Samson’s ego got the better of him, God again gave him strength enough to solve his problem. Then Samson’s anger surfaced, God used the incident to destroy some of the Philistines. God continued to bless Samson in spite of himself. He used Samson to destroy 1,000 Philistines. But Samson’s ego kicked in again and he bragged about his conquest. His attraction to another woman, Delilah, resulted in his strength being removed when the Philistines learned his secret and cut his hair. His eyes were gouged out and he was put in prison. When all seemed lost to Samson, he prayed to the Lord for his strength to be returned once more, so that he could have revenge even if meant his own death. God gave him the strength to kill more people than he had during his entire lifetime. So what should this story teach us? We are chosen individuals from birth. Despite our character flaws, God will give us the strength to do what He’s chosen for us to do. We are modern-day Samsons, but our strength is not dependent on the length of our hair. It is dependent on our relying on the Lord.