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"Kryptonite"Stuart JonesYour diet is going great. You’ve cut back on fried foods, soft drinks, and ice cream. Then someone brings donuts to the office and you eat the whole box. You’re managing your time much better. Making lists, setting priorities, and staying focused are becoming habits in your daily life. Then the tournaments begin. You find yourself engulfed in the excitement and fixated on watching every game on TV. We all have our weak spot. Sure, there are many things that can knock us off stride. But for most of us, there’s one thing that stands out. There’s one thing that seems to get us every time. We know what it is. We know when we’re vulnerable. We know that we want to do better. But no matter how hard we try, it’s our weak spot and it causes us problems time after time. As we continue our look at Samson, we’ll see his weak spot. The man, whose name is synonymous with strength, had a weakness that devastated his life. Relying on his incredible strength was not enough for Samson. We need to learn from his mistake. Dealing with our weak spot, on our own, will wear us out. Seeking God’s help doesn’t expose our weakness—it accesses our strength.