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"The Legacy"Larry JonesYou worked hard on making better eating choices and exercising. And for a few weeks or maybe a few months, you did well. You lost weight, felt better, and were sure that this time, your new and improved health habits were here to stay. But then there was a big project at work that had you ordering in pizza at your desk rather than going out for a low-calorie lunch. Your children needed extra help with their homework, so your evening walks got put on the back burner. And before you knew it, those hard-won healthy changes went by the wayside. What happened? While you weren't looking, you slid right back into your old habits. Habits (whether good or bad) are repeated patterns of behavior that we do without conscious thought. When we take our eyes off the goal and off the standard of behavior, it is very easy for all those things that we felt were behind us to again rear their ugly heads and to take us to a place that we don’t want to be. So it was with Samson. For two decades Samson got on the same page as God. He was a model servant of God while he led Israel. But then one moment of poor judgment opened up the crack. The crack got larger and larger. And Samson found himself far from God and in dire straits. The key to changing habits and keeping them changed is to take conscious control of our behavior at all times. Being committed to God’s ways requires that we keep focus on the right things.