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"Casual Conversations"Stuart Jones“Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish and then it is disgusting.” Dave Barry   Fishing is often repetition…casting, reeling and casting, reeling again. When hooking a fish doesn’t get added to this equation, fishing is pretty boring.   Let’s add young children to the mix. You are teaching them to fish. It’s boring so they fidget and whine. And now comes the wisdom from Dave Barry--that young child actually hooks a fish. The fight is on! Action, excitement, squeals and finally the landing of that fish (or maybe minnow is a more apt description). It is slimy, smelly and yucky. The child is not going to touch that trophy.   The day of fishing mercifully comes to an end. Kids are dirty, tired and sleepy. It’s off to the house you go. They will tell mom what a horrible day they had and beg her to never make them go fishing again because it’s boring.   Much to your surprise their stories of the boring day pop with excitement. That five-pound trout put up a huge fight; they battled it to the bank. Fishing is awesome. Can we go again tomorrow?   Don’t think God will only use us in spectacular settings, majestic scenery or incredible situations. God’s love and truth is there all the time, in all settings. We can model Christ-like behavior. We can be examples and receive no feedback. But it certainly does not mean that someone isn’t learning about God by watching us, even on that boring fishing trip.