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"The Old Ball and Chain"Stuart JonesDo you remember the first date you had with your spouse? You were probably a little excited and maybe somewhat apprehensive. But you enjoyed it. That’s why there was another date, then another and another.   Pretty soon you found yourself falling in love. The chemicals in your brain kicked in and you felt an emotional high. There was passion and elation when you were together.   Those feelings led to discussions of marriage. You were certain you’d met the man or woman of your dreams. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. You got married, had a wonderful honeymoon, moved into an apartment or bought your first house and then kids came along, jobs changed and time demands occurred.   Your life with your partner was completely different than it was when you met, fell in love and began life together.   At some point in your marriage, you may have begun to wonder what was missing in your life. In some ways, you thought your spouse might be holding you back. In your mind, you might have considered your spouse to be a ball and chain. You discovered the two of you are just going through the motions of doing life together.   God tells us there is more to life than that. It is a part of His plan that a man and woman join together in marriage for their entire lives. Also, it is His plan that our love continues to grow. We should recognize and act upon the opportunities we have to express love in our own relationship in new and different ways.