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"Connect"Stuart Jones How many people do you know who are far from God? A couple? Ten or twenty? Are they individuals you know well or know well enough to realize they are not Christians? Are they in your workplace, your immediate or extended family, your neighborhood, your classes at school, your fitness center, your children’s sporting events, your barber shop, or your doctor’s office? Are they your good friends or someone you barely know? As Christians, what is our responsibility to these individuals? Pray for them? Sure, we need to pray for them. Introduce them to a minister so he can talk to them? Sure, that could work—if you can find an occasion to do that. In the lyrics of Matthew West’s song “Do Something,” there is an answer to a world full of trouble and a world full of people who need Jesus. He asks “God, why don’t you do something? He said, ‘I did, I created you.’” Instead of just praying for those who need Jesus or instead of introducing them to a minister, let’s do what Jesus did. He went where they were (Matthew 9:10-13). He intentionally sought them out. You and I can find them where we work, where we exercise, where our children play or where we walk the dog. As Matthew West goes on to say,

“If not us, then who,
If not me and you,
It’s not enough to do nothing,
It’s time for us to do something.”