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"Grow"Stuart Jones Each spring more than 200 players are drafted onto NFL teams. These young men become part of a team, but in name only. They have yet to learn what will be required of them to become an active player on a team’s roster.   People who choose to accept Jesus as their Savior are in those same shoes. They have been given the wonderful opportunity for great rewards. Their everlasting future is assured, but accepting Jesus as your Savior is only part of the bargain; there is much to learn about being a true disciple.   The NFL draftee must learn to submit to the coaching staff. He has to study the playbook. He has to understand the time and effort it takes on the practice field, as well as the weight or film room to truly become an NFL player for a team.   The new (and old) Christian must learn to become more like Jesus on a daily basis. That’s what discipleship is – learning to become more like Jesus. Just as every coach or veteran player has an obligation to help new players become valuable team members, each Christian has the responsibility to their self and others to promote spiritual growth.   The church is a team who has to work together. Belonging to a group of believers in a close and transparent relationship ties you to people and information you need in order to grow and become more like Jesus.