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"Clear Eyes"Stuart Jones The Old Testament contains stories of individuals and events that helped people living in the New Testament times to accept the birth and life of Jesus as truth which, in turn, helped them to receive Him as their Savior. If you had lived in New Testament times, would it have been easy for you to accept this man, this carpenter called Jesus as the Messiah and to receive Him as your Savior?

- Do you remember how you first learned about Jesus? - Was it because a relative told you about Jesus? - Your best childhood friend invited you to Vacation Bible School? - A co-worker asked you to go to a life group? - Your neighbor invited you to a Christian concert? - Someone gave you a Bible and you started reading it? - A friend told you how his relationship with God got him through a difficult time in his life?

Did that invitation or special someone pave the way for you to develop a relationship with Jesus and help accept the gift that only Jesus can give? If it did, then you have a duty to introduce your relatives, friends and co-workers to Jesus. It’s important that you invite someone to a church activity, that you tell someone how God got you through a difficult time in your life and that you help someone accept the gift that only Jesus can give.