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"An Unplugged Christmas"kidTown Children's Ministry Within moments of the last line being delivered and the last note sung in “An Unplugged Christmas,” parents will blow up Facebook with videos from their phones. Later in the day grandparents will share links to their photo albums and great grandparents will be on their landline phones telling friends how cute the children were. Christmas plays create good news that people are eager to share. While the methods of sharing may change with the generations, the enthusiasm is always there. We can’t wait to tell the stories about the sweet, joyful way that children tell “The Story.” If you like to see people smile, “An Unplugged Christmas” is a great place to be. There will be smiles on the stage and even bigger smiles from the people watching their children. But the biggest smiles of all will be smiles of relief on the faces of the directors, costumers, choreographers and tech team members. The work back stage is often overlooked. Overlooked doesn’t mean unimportant. In fact, the backstage story is vital to what we see on stage. As we smile at the children, take a moment and remember that God was working for us long before there was a manger and He will be seeking us long after the last light is dimmed. That’s good news—very good news.