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"Better One or Better Two"Stuart JonesOnce, two young mothers came to King Solomon begging him to solve a bitter dispute. These mothers lived in the same home and both had newborn baby boys. During the night one of the women rolled over on her baby and killed him, so she traded her dead baby with the other woman’s living son. When morning came, the mother recognized the dead baby beside her was not the son she gave birth to, so she confronted the other woman and demanded her baby back. They could not reach a compromise, so they went to King Solomon and asked him to help solve their dispute. The king was happy to do so and immediately ordered the baby boy cut in two so that both mothers could have half. When the actual mother heard this, she immediately said to let the other woman have the baby because she realized the baby would be killed and she would rather the child live, even if she couldn’t raise him. The king then knew who the real mother was, and she was awarded the baby.   Solomon’s wisdom was known far and wide and Israel flourished under his reign. Then something happened—Solomon took his eyes off God. He married too many women and allowed these wives to worship idols. This was a deal breaker for God, and he dealt with Solomon harshly. God-given wisdom is perfect, but we must stay focused and use that wisdom to advance the kingdom of God.