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"Diagnosis #1: Pride"Stuart JonesA to-do list . . . A daily assignment sheet . . . A smart phone calendar reminder . . . Notes on a dry erase marker board . . . Task management software . . . Do we resort to using one of these methods to remind ourselves of everything we must get done? Why do we even need a reminder? Do we really have that much to do? Some of us even feel good when we add something to our to-do list. We may feel that the number of things to be done each day will impress our employer with how essential we are to the company or they might impress a college admissions administrator or our friends with how important we are. Jesus didn’t need to be reminded of what He should do each day and He didn’t need to impress anyone. If we follow His example, we won’t need to, either. Christ chose to fill His to-do list with tasks of humbly serving those who needed Him. He didn’t need anyone to think He was important with what He did or how much He did. In Philippians 2:7 we find that “He made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant.” As we think of those things we need to do, let’s instead focus on those things God would have us do. Having a to-do list is not a bad thing when the items on it center around Him and His purpose for our lives.