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"Three Myths"Stuart JonesNeglecting to follow instructions can cause problems, some serious, some not so serious. A child who disregards the teacher’s instructions to “keep your hands to yourself and be quiet” while in line with his classmates on their way to the cafeteria may find himself sitting with the teacher at lunch. A student working on a science project who didn’t follow the written instructions for the project may find that her hypothesis couldn’t be proven true when she conducted her experiment. Thus, she will need to rethink the project and do it again. A person who doesn’t pay attention to his finances may find that he doesn’t have enough funds to make the car payment and thus, his credit rating may be lowered. A husband or wife who fails to follow God’s directions for their marriage may find themselves in a relationship with someone new. Their marriage may end because they didn’t put God, their spouse and family first.   Each of these examples will require a form of starting over—a reassessment of what is important and a serious look at the consequences of failure. The child will start over the next day by obeying his teacher’s warnings. The science student will carefully rethink her hypothesis before attempting the experiment again. A person who fails to make the car payment will reassess his budget and spending habits. Spouses in a failed marriage will need to learn more about commitment and how God intends marriage to work.   Seems simple, doesn’t it? Just follow those directions and everything will be o.k. but what happens when things aren’t o.k. and you have to start over? Starting over requires some serious rethinking and adjustment. More importantly, it requires seeking God’s directions for living all aspects of our lives.