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"Wrong Thinking"Stuart Jones It’s really rotten when you find out you’re wrong, isn’t it? It’s difficult to admit it to yourself but even harder to admit it to someone else, especially to someone who may have suffered from your being wrong. It’s also difficult to put that change from wrong to right into a new way of living. Going from wrong to right—what does it take?

If we look at the life of Paul, also known as Saul, we find that it involved several things.

An Intervention: Saul had a light-filled, instructive encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.

A Time to Realize You Are Wrong: Saul was blind for three days, giving Saul plenty of time and little distraction to realize how wrong he was to persecute the new believers.

Call to Living a New Life: God used Ananias to deliver the good news that Jesus wanted Saul to see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

A Conversion: Saul immediately accepted this word from Jesus, had his sight restored and was baptized.

Assistance from Friends: Saul was in danger but was hidden by friends. He was feared by the Jerusalem disciples but Barnabas, another friend, told them the good things Saul was doing.

A Change in Identity: Saul, also known as Paul, was later recognized by the name of Paul. He had a change of heart, purpose and identity because Jesus met him on that road.

Are you trying to go from wrong to right or just now realizing how wrong your way of living has been? Look at Saul/Paul’s life and see what it takes—an illuminating time with Jesus, perhaps an intervention from someone, a conversion, help from friends and a change in your identity. What will it take for you to go from wrong to right?