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"The Global Church"Stuart Jones As important as the local church is, God’s plan extends way beyond E’town and Hardin County. Yes, God calls us to reach the people in our community, but he has no intention of stopping there. Until our vision of the church encompasses the entire globe, we don’t have an accurate view of God’s church or His plan of redemption. Many Christians are surprised to hear that there are still countless ones around the world that have never heard the name of Jesus. We take it for granted that people nearly everywhere have access to the gospel but there are many who have never heard the name Jesus or what He offers them. They desperately need hope, healing and salvation. The Apostle Paul’s ambition in life was to take this message of redemption and bring it to those who had never heard it. His passion was an essential part of the mission that Jesus gave to the church. How will those in need of a savior call on Him in whom they have never heard? How are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are missionaries to preach unless they are sent? These questions should burn in our minds and hearts. At First Christian Church we regularly support a number of missionaries in various parts of the world from your regular giving. We make short term mission trips available to our members. We encourage our members to financially support missions. Designating a special offering to support an upcoming FCC mission trip is one way you can help FCC be a global church.