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"The Gift of Imperfection"Stuart Jones Just a few days ago we sat down with family and friends to share a Thanksgiving meal together. Things don’t always go right with those dinners. But things don’t always go right with us as we journey through life either. Consider these Thanksgiving stories.   We were having a huge meal with lots of people. When the humongous turkey was done we each grabbed a side of the disposable foil pan and lifted. We got it just out of the oven before the pan bent and we dropped the turkey and the entire contents of the pan all over the kitchen floor! It went spilling out EVERYWHERE! Stephanie Sullivan   I had everything cooked and sitting out on the counter except for the dressing, so I took it out of the oven and sat it on top of the stove. All of a sudden, I heard a small explosion. I did not realize the stove was hot and when I sat the glass dish on it, the dish exploded into pieces. Glass went everywhere. It got into all the food that was on the counter. The only thing salvaged was the mashed potatoes and bread. Dawn Brewer   My friend’s mother-in-law always added a drop of yellow food coloring to the gravy to give it that golden glow. One year she accidentally used red, and everyone had to look away while eating what looked a lot like blood poured on their mashed potatoes and turkey. Diane Rinaldi   None of us can go through life without mistakes and blemishes. But just as the food coloring covered the real look of the potatoes and turkey, the blood of Jesus covers our sins and errors in this life. Let’s be thankful that we have a God who loves us and wants to spend Thanksgiving with us for all eternity.