Founding Father

Only you know your complete story, and right now it may seem like you’re headed uphill. You may have something that feels like a no-win situation. Or you’re in a wait-and-see moment where it is completely out of your control. You can’t see or understand, but learn from Abraham-Faith never runs out of time.

Israel, Wrestler with God

Human nature says I will do everything necessary to keep my hands on the wheel because I know what’s best for me. But if we can get to a place where we recognize that we don’t know best, God knows best, that would be a huge win. You may have to let him dislocate some things and quit pretending about who you are. He will take the real you, who you can be when you take your hands off the wheel and choose His way. He will take you who you are and bless you.

Rahab, Flawed and Faithful

Liz Curtis Higgs wrote, “If God can turn a harlot into a holy vessel, entrusting her with the very genes that would one day produce the King of kings, surely those of us with a past can leave our shame in the rubble and walk away, fixing our eyes on the One who washes us white as snow.”


The four-fold strategy for FCC and how we’re going to do anything we’re going to do is we’re going to pray first, rely on the power of God, Keep our Eyes on Jesus, and Praise. How about that for you? Can you do it? Can you learn from this guy who was in a battle he never chose? Instead of panic, fear, or worry, will you pray first, rely on God’s power, keep your eyes on Jesus even when you don’t know what to do, and praise him for all he has done?