Is the Bible Reliable?

The bible is God inspired, true, sufficient, brilliantly written, and trusted by Jesus, and it keeps and moves us forward on the path closer to Jesus. The Bible is also a miracle. One book written by multiple authors of varied backgrounds and ethnicities over hundreds of years, yet it tells one story without error or contradiction. That alone is a miracle.

Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

It is a very human experience to  think or even say, “God are you there? Do you care? I’m suffering. How about a little help.” God never wastes our pain. He allows pain and suffering because it reveals our freedom, it reveals His bigger, better story and it reveals who we should trust.

Is There a God?

There is a God. He is real and we can know him. The evidence for God is everywhere from multiple cultures having similar moral law to the awe and wonder of the uniqueness of the entire universe down to the smallest details. God is everywhere.

However, many do not see Him because they refuse to recognize that all the evidence points to Him. Only those who humble enough are able to see Him.

Is Christianity Rational?

Christianity and faith are rational and based on truth and knowledge. But that’s not all it’s built on. It’s not knowledge to the degree of arrogance and judgment. Christianity is a balance of knowledge and love. In the end, God will not ask us how much we knew; he will ask us how much we loved.

Don’t All Religions Say the Same Thing?

From the Christian perspective, other religions present half-truths, and they paint half the picture. There may be some similarities, but the differences make them completely different. So, no, all religions do not say the same thing. Jesus told us himself, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me.”

Does Life Have a Purpose?

Life is short, and maybe there’s more to life than this world offers. I believe there’s a God who deeply loves you. He is crazy about you. And I believe your purpose for this life is to KNOW Him, to know how much He loves you. He wrote you a love letter saying all He did to bring you back to Him. And though life is short, eternity is not. And He longs to spend eternity with you. And though sin separated us from Him, He bought us back by sending His one and only son Jesus to pay the price for our mistakes.