Where is God Calling Us?

The More Paradox convinces us that we have never arrived. As soon we accomplish or acquire we immediately wonder if we could accomplish more or acquire more. What would it look like if we were not focused on more job, more house, more money or more car, but focused on more kingdom, more Jesus and more serving? What if, instead of our discontent with stuff, we were Holy Discontent. Discontent with people being separated from Jesus. Instead of more stuff we sought more life-change, more healing of families, more baptisms and more ministries at FCC? What would that look like?

Who Am I?

God values who he creates. God stands beside who he creates. God stands up for who he creates. Knowing that, why would we listen to anyone or anything else?

Who do you listen to? Do you listen to the one who says you can’t, you aren’t or you never will be, or so you listen to the One who says you can, you are and you will be because I made you, know you and have your back.

What Do You See?

Joshua and Caleb believed God for what was Beyond. They believed God could be trusted while ten other men did not. Which one are you? The challenge is to go against the voice of the majority and choose to believe God will do what you can’t, yet remembering God will not do what we will not do. Trusting God is easier when regularly refresh ourselves with reminders of His faithfulness to us in the past.