Smooth Stones

It’s been 52 weeks, a WHOLE YEAR, since our church fellowship moved into our new facility. And what a whirlwind it has been. We have a beautiful worship auditorium, a state of the art kids education wing, a great commons area where we can build relationships with others, and sufficient adult meeting space where we can learn how to live the life of a Christian together. In one word, God has richly BLESSED us not only over the past year but the years leading up to our church moving into this new facility. And with those blessings has come a multitude of CHANGE. We’ve seen our average attendance change from about 700 a Sunday to about 1,000 every Sunday. We’ve seen a change in the number of personal decisions for Jesus. Our baptismal numbers have changed dramatically. We’re baptizing more people now that we ever have in the history of our church. More people are becoming members of this church than ever before. We’ve also seen a change in the attitude of our church from being inward centered to reaching out beyond the walls of the church to tell others of the saving grace of God. Change can be difficult for some. But the willingness to change and to follow God’s leading comes with many blessings as we have seen. As we celebrate our one year anniversary in this facility today, please remember this acrostic for CHANGE. It reminds us of what lies in the FUTURE for us individually and us a church body.