Home for Christmas

Jesus came to us in an obscure part of this world in the midst of social outcasts, yet a couple of millennia later it is his birthday we celebrate, not the birthday of the one who thought he was a gift to the world. Instead, the One whose birthday was truly a gift to the world do we remember.

Therefore, a gift as amazing as Jesus is worthy to be shared, talked about, and get excited about. We should all take a note from the shepherds. They were so moved and so overwhelmed by what they had witnessed they couldn’t be quiet. Their social status and insecurities were no match for their excitement. Our hope is that the reminder of God’s goodness seen through the gift of Jesus would overwhelm you to the point you cannot be quiet.

I’ll Be Home…Help!

Grace, truth, and time. Who in your world could use one of those from you?  Who in your world could use a little grace, truth, and time this Christmas, but for one reason or another you don’t want to give them anything?

Our hope is that the people of FCC will be givers of grace, truth, and time this Christmas because our world is desperate for all three!

Unwanted Gift

Fear is the thief of dreams and peace and joy. What keeps you from taking a risk, setting aside your fears, and taking a step of faith where you feel called. Trust your Heavenly Father and the plan He has for you, even if it seems risky and even if it differs from what you have in mind.

May the courage of two young kids in the first century who were tasked with bringing the Savior into the world inspire you to set your fears aside and take a step. With a bit of courage and trust, God can do far more than you could ever imagine.

Christmas Eve 2021

Merry Christmas!

There’s No Place Like Home

When “home” is more than a feeling; when God takes up residency in our hearts and our heart becomes his home, it will change the neighborhood. What happens when the warmth of Christmas lasts longer than December? What happens to the compartments of our life when Jesus is granted a home in us? He redecorates and it changes who we are, how we live and what we’re living for.