Long Journeys

Is there something you’re longing for, something for which you’ve been searching for quite some time or maybe just for a few months? Perhaps you’ve searched for a better job, a godly mate or for a closer relationship with God.

The Bible gives us unexpected direction in our search through the story of the wise men. They had been on a long journey and sought guidance as to where to go in their pursuit of the “newborn king of the Jews.” After asking for help upon arrival in Jerusalem, they chose to continue following the star to Bethlehem. Who will you choose for direction in your search—a trusted friend, a co-worker or will you turn to God for guidance?

Intense Journeys

Who does God announce the arrival of Jesus to? Not royalty or the highest elected official. The first announcement came to a bunch of lowly outcasts. What does that teach you about your Heavenly Father?

Stuart said, “The shepherds learned through the words of the anthem sung right in front of them that Peace was possible. Not peace through war or diplomacy or signing any contracts or laws. It was peace offered eternally to those on whom the favor of God rests. To those who would accept the present and gift being offered (for throughout history, many have rejected this gift from God).”

Unexpected Journeys

Faith and trust in the Lord require obedience. Mary and Joseph were obedient to the angels who delivered God’s word to them despite facing social struggles, financial difficulties, and the stress of being the parents of the Messiah. They were obedient and faithful that God would provide when traveling the 90-mile journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem through tough terrain and rough conditions to fulfill God’s prophecy from long ago. They had faith and trust when they arrived in an overcrowded Bethlehem where there was no comfortable room for them where Jesus was born in primitive conditions in a stable surrounded by animals.

Uncomfortable Journey (Christmas Eve)

The announcement of the light of the world was filled with light. “The glory of the Lord shown around them.” The Light of the world was announced with light. He was the light and the darkness could not overcome him.

Personal Journey (Christmas Day)

Emmanuel, God with us, left his role as High King of Heaven to enter this broken world. He was emptied of all his prerogatives and rank to stretch out his arms as a servant on the wood of the cross as a substitute for you and me; so that we might have eternal life. The baby we celebrate in a manger today, Emmanuel, is the savior and king, and servant that we couldn’t begin to understand we needed. But because of him, eternal life and joy are available instead of condemnation.”

For that, we praise Him because we all get to say, “Whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”