Glow: Relationships

We should always value unbelievers, seize opportunities with those we know, used to know, and people you could know. The value of those in the darkness to Jesus is beyond our understanding. He cares about those who are lost so much he would leave the 99 to find them, tear the house apart to locate them and watch the horizon day after day after day with hopes they would come looking for the light. We have all been called to glow into the darkness to help the lost be found.

Glow: Invitation

Are you willing to ask, willing to do and willing to share? A particular sermon series might not be for you, but it might be for someone you know who’s living in darkness.

Glow: Intellectual

Another form of sharing the truth is through the art of discussion, facts and truth telling. Not to be confused with the confrontation or even argumentative forms of evangelism that some use, the intellectual style of evangelism is prepared to lay out a logical, factual explanation for truth. This style is still seeking to maintain a relationship within the confines of sharing truth.

Glow: Testimonial

Whether your story and your journey with God seems impressive or motivational to you; it probably is to someone else. Some people have a tremendous ability to use their story to weave into someone else’s story. They know the connections and similarities that matter to people and are able to share their story no matter how “thrilling” it is. They are able to use the story that they have with God as an on-ramp for someone’s decision about their own faith.