Good Riddance, 2020: What did we learn?

As 2020 is coming to a close, we all can say who we are as the church. Pre-pandemic, we were a church with one campus. We are now a church of two campuses, in person and online. We have learned to understand the church isn’t a place you go, but it is the people. The stories of how many people we are reaching through our online presence and from the presence in our community as a result of drive-by parades, grocery shopping for our shut-ins, etc. has led to great conversations that will lead people to closer to Jesus. Let’s praise God for the ways he taught us to be the church during this trying time. During a very difficult year, we learned some really valuable things about the church. These are truths that are taught to us in scripture, but become clear during a Pandemic. We learned that the church is people, not a building, and we need those people more than we thought. We also learned that sometimes change is good and sometimes good change is forced.