Who Will We Recognize in Heaven?

How will we know/recognize our loved ones once we reach Heaven? Will my grandfather be young, and will he know me or my son when we reach Heaven, and will I know him? For those who truly believe in Heaven. The tougher question is how will we be happy there for eternity if we have loved ones who are not believers? Do were forget them? Why would we be separated from those we love dearly, or have given birth to?

Why Does God Change Between the Old Testament and New Testament?

It is hard to envision a loving God asking the Israelites to wipe out groups of people, including women and children?  This can be confusing as well the difference between the God in the Old Testament and the God in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, He destroys, seems angry, and punishes and hardens hearts. In the New Testament, He is loving, kind, and forgiving. How do we reconcile these two portrayals of God?

Why Do Children Suffer?

Have you ever run across a Facebook post requesting prayer for an individual and then realize that individual is a child? Does your heart go out to that precious one, even though it’s someone you may not know personally? Then do you think about what those parents are going through as they make decisions as to how best to care for that child? These moments expose how broken this world is. Yet, we wonder why a child has to suffer, why parents have to go through such anguish making needed decisions. However, our task is to do what we originally agreed to do when we heard about the child. We need to pray. Instead of wondering why suffering exists, we need to be diligent in prayer.

What About Homosexuality?

It is one thing to be against Homosexuality and to recognize that the Bible rejects the practice of same-sex lifestyles, but it is another to be against Homosexuals and villainize people because they are living a lifestyle that goes against God’s will for their life. We are all sinners. Christ died for all of us because all of us, apart from him, live lifestyles that go against God’s will for our life. Without Jesus, we will all stand before God as sinners. And if you are a follower of Jesus, then you know the grace that covers your sin.


How Do I Know I’m Saved?

God is big enough to forgive your sins; whatever they may be, whenever they may be and however many of them there may be. But if you deny him, he will deny you. If you wanted his grace and then decide with your life and your words and your heart that you don’t want that grace anymore, he will give you the desires of your heart. So be on guard and live for grace.