To Pray or Not to Pray, That is the Question

Prayer is about surrender. It is about giving into God’s will, and surrender, not placing an order. Does prayer work? Yes, prayer works on us! That is why we pray, so God can work on us. What do your prayers look like? Do they resemble placing an order or recognizing the one you’re praying to. The truth is, if God already knows the need, then prayer cannot be about informing God. It’s about recognizing Him as the one who has the power to answer big prayers.

Give Us

We don’t pray to get what we want. We pray to get what he wants. We spend time in prayer to recognize his greatness, surrender our will, ask for provision, ask for pardon and ask for protection.

Lead Us Not

The effort of temptation is to take something away. Temptation is the threshold to loss. Therefore, we pray, “Lead me away from temptation.” If we are to be led from temptation, we must follow the leader.