The Problem with Doubt

We don’t have to be afraid of questions, because God is not afraid of questions. So use your doubt as the way to grow stronger in your faith than ever before. God says bring me your doubt. Bring me your questions. He is big enough and great enough to handle them all. He says, “Bring all of your doubt and your questions so I can show you what is true and real.”

His Incredible Claims

Jesus made some claims about more than just him professing to be a good guy, a good teacher, or a strong leader. Jesus made some claims that require us to fall into one of two groups. You can’t straddle the fence on what you think about Jesus’ claims. We have grown comfortable with Jesus fitting into our moral compass of life, but we don’t want to claim him as the Leader of our whole life. But you can’t do that. With everything Jesus did and said, he is either a con-man or the Son of God. What do you choose to do with his claims?

The Compelling Evidence

In this message, Stuart explores the evidence about Jesus’ presence on the earth, the legitimacy of his claims about himself, and the stories written about him. Even the evidence surrounding the story of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is hard to hear and not believe.