The Father of Lies

We have an unseen enemy who wants us to believe things that aren’t true so stay in the struggle. But, our Heavenly Father wants us to know and live in the truth. The truth is He is the wisdom of the wise, the power of the powerful, and he’s the ancient of days, he’s the ruler of rulers, he’s the leader of leaders, he’s the overseer of the over-comers, he’s the sovereign Lord of all that was and is and is to come.

I Am What I’ve Done

The Father of lies wants you to believe that you are what you’ve done. He wants to fill you with shame. But Shame has an enemy. And the enemy of shame is amazing grace. Amazing grace lifts our heads. Shame is the language of the father of lies. Amazing grace is the voice of Jesus in the dirt with you telling you you are worthy of love and deserving of forgiveness right now; not later, not after you fix something, not after you prove that you’re worthy of love, but right now, in this moment, just as you are.

I Am What I Feel

The Father of Lies is looking for someone to devour and masquerades as an angel of light so he can kill, steal and destroy. One way he does that is by getting us to make decisions solely on how we feel, believe things that we feel are right even when ignoring facts, and base our identity on how we feel in the moment. Real life however, comes through living life in the Spirit who leads us to love, joy and peace.

I Am What Others Say I Am

The tyranny of what others have said about you is not what’s most important. The words you say about yourself tend to resonate and roll around in your head in those dark moments; what you say about yourself is not what is most important. What God has already said about you is what is most important to you.