Don’t Just Sit There, Fight!

Sometimes in the church we forget who our real enemy is. It is Satan, and he is a liar, and deceiver who only seeks to cause chaos in the lives of those who follow Jesus. As a result it is essential that the church follow Acts 2 being fully committed to biblical teaching, fellowship with one another, breaking bread and prayer. However, that is not enough. The church must be willing to fight spiritually because people need Jesus, and our fight makes a difference.

A Nation Under God

God is over all, through all and in all.  Our Heavenly Father is sovereign.  Those little phrases such as, “it just so happened,” are those moments when His sovereignty is noticed.

God is rarely conspicuous, but He is always involved in the details of our lives. He cares about you and me, but the approach of the God of the universe is not one of attention-seeking.  His approach is subtle, so we have to be aware, looking for the work of His hands.

Father Figures

What do our lives and our choices tell people about what matters? What do our lives tell people who are watching us about what’s significant for them to mimic? Ultimately, the question that you have to ask yourself is, “Is Following me, following Christ?”

May we be people who are Christ-like in our patience, Christ-like in our hospitality, Christ-like in our love, Christ-like in our humility, Christ-like in our forgiveness, Christ-like in our peace, Christ-like in our self-control, Christ-like in our goodness, Christ-like in our faith and Christ-like in our kindness.