You’ve probably spent more time with your spouse during the last year than you normally do. Most of the time it was good to have that time together but then there were times when it was best to be in separate rooms for an hour or so. Sustained time together can lead to finding faults you never knew existed in your loved one. However, if you took time to think about it, your faults were probably quite evident, too. How do we avoid the “nit picking” in our marriage relationship? Begin each day praying that God would help you be His love, grace and mercy to everyone, especially the one He brought into your life because He knew what you needed.


It takes courage and patience and bravery to be a parent. Parents are brave warriors because parents are on a mission to do more than just fight battles over food, sleep and toys. They are fighting to raise the gifts God has given them to be physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy people. And that is no easy task.