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That Thing We Do With Others

Maybe the first step, maybe the most comfortable step, maybe the most known step of following Jesus these days is the idea of corporate worship. When we sing with others, laugh with others, give with others, learn with others, and commune with others we feel like we have “churched”. This collective effort is a vital part of our effort to be a disciple.


That Thing We Do Alone-Ish

When it comes to the other parts of your week that don’t show up on your schedule as church time are there times when you approach and spend time with the One who gave everything for you? Do you set aside time so the Father has your full attention, affection, and adoration?

That Thing We Do With Others

Fellowship, trust and care are essential elements of biblical community and essential elements of community among believers today. We believe Life Groups create the best environment for developing these essential elements, and the spiritually significant relationships that we all need in our lives. The truth is if Jesus needed community, then so do we.