The Most Important Thing About Us

Another Christmas has come and gone. The gifts have been purchased and opened. Some of us received just what we wanted and what we had requested. Others of us ended up with that sweater with the funny markings that was about two sizes too small. Each of us had decisions to make about our gift buying this Christmas. We had to decide who was on the gift list. How much were we going to spend on someone? Were we going to purchase a personal gift or one of those generic middle of the aisle gadgets to give to someone? While we don’t like to admit it, many times our gift purchase decisions boil down to our perception of the worth of the person to us and the worthiness of the person based upon their position, attitude and actions. We don’t spend the same amount of money on everybody and we don’t give everyone the same type of gift. Thankfully, God doesn’t practice His gift giving to us with those attitudes and limitations. God has a gift for each of us. It is the same gift. God offers us the gift of grace and mercy and invites us into His eternal presence. God’s gift of salvation is directly on display at Christmas time. God gave Jesus to all of us. The sacrifice of His life covers all of our sins and imperfections. God always makes that gift available to us. But He does expect us to cling to Him, as well as accept and share His unconditional love.