Leading People Closer to Jesus

Leading people closer to Jesus requires action. Inviting, speaking, and loving are all action steps. What actions are you taking to lead people closer to Jesus? Do the people in your life have an open invitation to FCC? Are you gossiping about the gospel? Do you love the unloved and tough to love? We hope that you will answer yes to all of those questions by the end of this year.

Leading People Closer to Jesus, Part 2

As the church, we need to one another, one another. How do we do that? We share with one another through giving our time, our finances and our empathy. We also share what we know with one another truth, hope and how magnificent our Heavenly Father is.  We live in a world that is broken, unfriendly to the church and desperate for Jesus. Therefore, let us one another, one another to build up the body and show those on the outside why they should be a part of the church.