The Power of Whisper

“The sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”We live in a world of blaring stimuli seeking to garner our attention.Music is loud, movies are loud and commentators on TV are loud. But each of us has a choice as to what we listen to and follow.Jesus told the parable of the sheep and the shepherd. The sheep only follow the shepherd’s voice. Others may come with loud commands, but the sheep ignore them.We need to choose better to whom we will listen. Tune out the volume and seek the one who cares for you and protects you.

The Whisper Spot

We live in a world full of noise, not only outside of us but also inside us. We need a break from the chaos and the noise so we can connect more intimately with God. From the beginning of creation, God created us with a need for quiet time. Even Jesus needed this. He was “led by the Spirit into the wilderness” (Matthew 4:1) and He “went up on the mountain by himself to pray, alone” (Matthew 14:23). It’s surprising how loud silence can be when we’re not used to it. However, the goal of this silence is to hear from God through His word and responding back to Him in prayer. These quiet times of engaging directly with God in the Scriptures and prayer offer strength and will draw us so much closer to Him.

The Key of Keys

Often, when thinking through tools for spiritual formation, Prayer and Scripture are mentioned independently of each other. However, it is through God’s Word that prayer is explained and modeled for us. Praying through the powerful words of scripture because of the greatest key in unlocking the truth and power of prayer.

The Seven Languages

Have you ever had difficulty trying to learn a language other than English? Or difficulty as a parent trying to understand your young child’s babbling? Or difficulty trying to understand terminology from a scientist or a doctor or a professor? Or trying to discern the ramblings of an elderly relative with dementia?

More importantly, have you had difficulty understanding what God is saying to you? He won’t speak in a loud voice.He may use His Word to instill in you a change you need to make or a new way to serve Him or direct you to someone who needs your friendship or a favor. Pay attention to what is going on around you. He uses more than words to help you understand what He wants from you.