I’m Sorry

Godly sorrow can see, godly sorrow leads to repentance, and godly sorrow always leads to confession. God’s goal is not to make you feel bad or beat you up. Instead, God’s truth helps you see the way, see the sin, confess the wrong, and move away from it.

As you will learn, David set a clear example of following these steps, so allow his example to be a blueprint for you. When we confess our sin to our Heavenly Father, he forgives us. Just as important, though, the enemy loses power over us.

I Give Up

The words “I give up” are typically not popular words. However, those are the words God wants to hear. Our default approach is to act like the only way our situation could be controlled is in our hands. The reality is, it is only safe in His hands. So, what is the solution? Hand it over. Hand over your life. Hand over your addiction, your anxiety your relationship problem, or your work problem. It’s not easy. It takes work. But you’ve got to hand it over. Cease resistance and say those three words. I. Give. Up.

I Love You

When was the last time you said I love you? When was the last time you said I love you to Jesus?

There are many ways to convey to Jesus I love you. Our baptism is the initial way we say I love you to Jesus. We can say it in our prayer time instead of presenting Him with needs and wants. We can sing it in worship when we lift our voices instead of letting others do it. We have so many ways to say it, but the most important thing is to say it.

I Believe

“I believe” is not merely a phrase. It is a life decision. As Stuart said, “When our heart is ready to follow and ready to live a life that walks with Jesus, our mouths are prepped to say the words, “I believe Jesus is Lord.”

The big question is, what keeps people from saying those words? To quote Stuart, “What keeps people from walking down the aisle and saying those words is…themselves.” Get out of your way and say those words.

Thank You

The more we think we deserve, the less thankful we are. Saying “Thank you” helps us focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have.
When we’re focused on what we do have instead of what we don’t, it does incredible things for us mentally and for others. When we say thank you out loud, when we remember to come back and express feelings of gratitude, good things happen to us, and maybe to others too. Best of all, thankful people are contagious people. The grateful attitude is magnetic.

I Forgive You

Receiving forgiveness from God sets us free but saying, “I forgive you,” to others, keeps us free.

Forgiveness isn’t forgetting something that happened, condoning their actions, and forgiveness is not dependent on someone admitting their wrong. Forgiveness is the willingness to let someone go free. When we make that decision, we often find that the person set free is us!


Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. There are some important times when words are needed. Sometimes people need to hear the weight of the words that matter, but sometimes the greatest gift you can give in a moment, in a season, into a relationship happens when you remember quick-slow-slow and say nothing.